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Adoptable Dogs

Thank you for your interest in one of our dogs! We work hard at placing our dogs in the perfect home. All adopters must be at least 21. If you rent, homeowners approval will be verified. 

Transport fee:

Adoption fee:   
                                 $300 for puppies  under 1 year
                                 $200 for dogs 1 year or older. 

to give them time, patience, and show them what love is...

Please remember that every dog we rescue has a different background and they will all have different needs. Our dogs have had very stressful starts to life and will need patient, understanding families. As an adopter, it is your responsibly to work with your new pet to help him/her settle in and excel in their new life. It is important to have realistic expectations when bringing a rescue dog into your home. Your new pup will likely need basic obedience training and some time to feel comfortable enough to come out of their shell. All dogs are different, some may require more time than others to get used to their new home. ​ Like any dog, a rescue will require a lot of love, patience and structure! If you are not committed to working with your dog through all of the possible challenges that may arise with a rescue dog, please wait to apply for until you are prepared.

Unfortunately we are still working on the State-required paperwork to be able to adopt to MA.

Coming soon to the Northeast!

These pups are currently being cared for by our loving fosters in Texas, but are looking for their forever homes in the Northeast

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